Sex Challenge

Sex Challenge

To participate in the Sex Challenge do these 2 things:

1.)  Before you start (either on Wed or Thurs) leave a comment in the section below stating that you accept our challenge.

2.)  On Sunday (11/16) leave another comment stating that you have completed the 4 Day Sex Challenge.  Only do this part if you have actually completed all 4 days of the Sex Challenge.

We will randomly pick one winner from all of those who have posted a comment below. We will announce the winners name on Monday's podcast show.

  • Hey, we might as well be the first ones to comment. We accept our own sex challenge!!!

  • akiah

    We too accept the sex challenge. . This should be fun. .

  • ladi_tink

    We’ll take on that challenge!!

  • Jermany Dorsey

    It’s ON and poppin!!!! We ACCEPT with gladness!!!!

  • LaTonya Taylor

    My husband and I accept the sex challenge. Awesomeness…

  • Michele Jones Dennis

    We accept the challenge!!!!

  • Patrice Thompson

    We except your invite to the sex challenge.

  • Jessica Williams-Duckett

    We accept the challenge

  • Jason Harley

    We accept your challenge.

  • Marica Harris

    We accept the challenge!!!!

  • Maria Venzant

    We’re in!!

  • Aisha DaCosta Sims

    We are in

  • Matt N’ Chi Lowe

    We are MATT N CHI LOWE & We accept the challenge!!!!

  • giantsheed

    We accept!! Let’s get it!

  • Shawn

    Me and the wife gladly accept the challenge

  • Assunda Robinson

    we accept

  • Travette Marie

    Just listened to the podcast & we accept the challenge!

  • Priyanka allen

    We accept the challenge

  • Melani Wright

    it…is… DONE! COMPLETE!

  • Aisha DaCosta Sims

    We have completed the challenge and I must say I will do this challenge again. It was AWESOME!!

  • Luckylady Thompson

    We accept your sex challenge

  • kathee

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