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Welcome to our site!  We are glad that you have decided to partner with us in our attempt to break the back of divorce.  If you have made it to this page, that means that you are interested in either preserving your marriage, salvaging your marriage or at the very least...learning how to use this website.  You have ventured to the right place because this page was designed specifically with you in mind.  It contains the information that you will need to benefit from this site.

About Mend Our Marriage

Mend Our Marriage is a marriage-based organization that focuses on helping marriages that are dry, boring, routine, fruitless or on the brink of divorce. Whether you are a newly wed or a seasoned couple, we provided the resources, tools, support, encouragement and tangible advice needed to improve the overall quality of your marriage. Our overall goal is to break the back of divorce by strengthening, uniting and restoring marriages.

The inspiration behind Mend Our Marriage is our story.  Early on in our marriage, we struggled to establish a healthy foundation.  As a result, we literally were on the brink of divorce.  While working hard to rebuild our marriage, we developed certain techniques that helped us to foster an increased sense of intimacy and understanding.  These techniques ultimately helped us to rebuild our marriage.  After seeing them work for us, we decided to share our testimony and our war wounds with others who may be or will be in a situation similar to what we were in.

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How to use this site

First let us start by saying that this site is not for every body.  Although we would love to potentially be a resource for your marriage...we understand that not every marriage needs or can truly benefit from what we provide.  We will list a few "types" of individuals that this site may not suit properly:

  • If you are not married and are not looking to marry...this site is not for you.
  • If you are not interested in growing and learning about marriage...this site is not for you.
  • We abide by the biblical definition of marriage (between one man and one woman).  If you don't...this site is not for you.
  • We love God and use our relationship with Jesus as the foundation for our morality.  If you don't...this site will offend you.
  • If you are married but not open to can't benefit from this site.
  • If you are in an extra marital affair and are unwilling to cut that relationship...this site is not for you.
  • If your marriage is perfect or you feel that your marriage does not need any improvements in any areas...this site is not for you.

Other than will find something on this site that will and can benefit your marriage.
One other note: This site is not just merely a blogging site (there are enough of those already on the internet).  While we do have a blogging component on this site, Mend Our Marriage is more service based than anything else.  We offer paid services and resources as well as tons of free information through our newsletter subscription based features, podcast, videos and blog.   Mend Our Marriage is a business and not a hobby project.  With that being said...our main goal is not to make is to change marriages.  The revenue that is generated frees our time up to continue to provide high quality services and resources for you and your marriage.

This site offers services that can suit you just about anywhere.  We offer videos, podcasts, blogs, books, events, and a thriving membership community that is uniquely designed to take your marriage to the next level.

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Email Subscription

Lastly, we offer a free email subscription feature on this site.  Once you subscribe to our email newsletter, you will receive emails (usually bi-weekly or once a month) that are packed full of resources for improving your marriage.  Mainly this information will include updates (for our podcast, blog or videos), marriage resources and marital advice. If you don't like to receive our emails then you may not want to subscribe.  For everyone can subscribe below:

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