Mastering Marriage Intensives

About Our Exclusive Marriage Intensives

Our Mastering Marriage Intensives are designed to help hurting married couples find the healing they desire. Our intensives are for couples who are on the verge of divorce, couples who are overwhelmed by the stressors that accompany marriage and for couples who feel like they have run out of options regarding how to heal their broken marriage.

We provide our couples with a safe, warm and up scale experience so that they are able to relax and have fun while working on finding and eradicating the root causes of their marital discord. We make working with our marriage experts safe and inviting so that their marriages won't just be changed for a's changed for a lifetime.

Our intensives are perfect for busy couples who would rather find the roots of their marital discord quickly instead of taking the long term approach with traditional marriage counseling. We help couples escape the distractions of work, phones, children, house hold duties and social media so their marriages can truly receive 100% of the attention that is required for it to heal.

Our 3 Day Marriage Intensives Include:

2 Nights of Lodging
Over 15hrs of Counseling
Marriage Intensive Coursework
Group Activities
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
3 Follow Up Maintenance Sessions

Our 3 Day Intensives Are For You If Your Marriage is Struggling With Any Of The Following:

Trust Issues

The foundation of your marriage is built upon trust. Fixing this area of your marriage is vital.

Emotional Distance

During our intensives, we help to clear out the obstructions that create emotional distance.

Intimacy Problems

Intimacy disruptions are very common for couples. We get deep to the roots of where they come from.

Healthy Communicating

The hallmark of a healthy marriage is healthy communication. Our intensives cover this extensively.

Infidelity & Affairs

We know what it's like to have infidelity divide the marriage. Healing & restoration is possible.

Conflict Resolution

Your spouse is not your enemy. Our intensives teach you effective, conflict resolution skills that work.

Our Intensives Will Provide

Individual Counseling

All participants will receive multiple private individual counseling sessions with our licensed professional to review their personal, marital and family history. It is during these sessions that they are able to focus on any of their personal issues that affect their marriage.

Couples Counseling

All couples will receive multiple couples counseling sessions to assess their relationship history, specific problem areas and strategies for recovery. It is during these sessions that each couple will receive the tools and strategies needed to strengthen their marriage.

Group Coaching

All couples participate in multiple group coaching and group exercises to further help stimulate relationship growth and development. It is during these sessions that each couple gets to partner and work with other couples who are in similar marital situations.

Set The Date We host our intensives around your schedule!


Our intensives are based on your availability.


Sunny Orlando Florida. About 20 minutes from Disney World.

With Who?

You will be staying with the hosts, David & Amanda Taylor.

How Much?

The total cost is $2499 and we have 2 payment options.

Reserve Your Spot Here We make it super easy and affordable for you to attend by providing you with 2 payment for those who need an intensive now and one for those who need to save up for it. Cancellations are charged a $300 administration fee. We only book up to 2 intensives per month so reserve your slot asap.


Mend Our Marriage Intensives

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between your Marriage Intensives and regular counseling?

Marriage Intensives are weekend getaways where both you and your spouse participate in comprehensive relationship coaching and counseling activities. During our Marriage Intensives, we cover in 3 days what you would normally cover in about 3 months on weekly consistent counseling.

How many couples can attend at one time?

Our Mastering Marriage Intensives will only host up to 3 couples at a time.

Who is hosting these Marriage Intensives?

David & Amanda Taylor. They are the co-founders of Mend Our Marriage. David will be leading all of the counseling services as he is licensed in the state of Florida as a Mental Health Counselor.

Are your intensives only local (Orlando, FL.)?

As of now, our intensives are only held locally to us. Moving forward, we do plan to expand our locations to other states. We'll keep you posted on that.

How should I pack?

You are going to be in sunny Orlando, Florida where the average temperatures during the time of the event is around 80 degrees. Bring swimwear and exercise clothing. Also, bring comfortable, casual and loose clothing...enough for 3 days. Of course bring toiletries but everything that is included in a hotel room will be included in your stay.

What should I expect as a result of attending an Intensive?

Expect for your marriage to be revived and restored. Expect to laugh, eat a lot, learn a lot, be challenged and to have fun.

What is the exact cost for attending this Marriage Intensive?

The total cost of the event is $2499. You will pay (about) half of that at the time of registration ($999) and the rest of your fee will be split up into four monthly payments of $375.

How do I know that this will be a good fit for my marriage?

If you know that your marriage needs help but you have run out of possible solutions, our Mastering Marriage Intensives are the right fit for you. If your marriage is on the brink of divorce but both you and your spouse are wanting to heal the marriage, this program is the right fir for you. If you can afford the investment, this program is for you...conversely, if you can't afford to attend...this program is not right for you at this time. Don't worry, we will have more Intensives scheduled soon.

How often are your intensives held?

We only host up to two intensives per month.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions about our Mastering Marriage Intensives, please call us here: 407-318-4912 as you will get a quicker response than simply emailing us.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up you will be directed to a page to complete your registration form for both you and your spouse. Once that form is completed and submitted, you will be contacted by David via email to set up your initial phone call to discuss event preparation. A pre-intensive session will also be scheduled at this time.

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